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We are part of the Momentum Group

HNC Group A/S has been part of Momentum Group since 2022

Momentum Group is rooted in a more than 100-year-old successful corporate culture originating in Bergman & Beving. Momentum Group operates, develops and acquires successful sustainable companies in the Nordics through active ownership with decentralized profits and business responsibility. The group consists of a number of companies, which together constitute one of the Nordic countries' leading suppliers of industrial components, industrial services and other related services in the industrial sector.

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We are looking for companies interested in developing with us

We are always looking for entrepreneurs, managers and owners of companies with, for example, strong premium brands and/or market channels that can strengthen our existing operations or contribute new product or market segments with the scope to capture leading positions. Momentum Group is a long-term owner with the strength and experience to further develop acquired companies in order to achieve sustainable profitability and growth.

New companies can help us achieve a presence in new submarkets, complement our existing supplier base and – perhaps most important of all – provide us with competent employees with a strong sense of entrepreneurship. Momentum Group is a financially strong, well-established and committed owner with clear objectives and tools for promoting the sustainable development and profitability of companies we believe in. The fact that the people who work at the companies we acquire choose to stay and develop with us is proof of this.

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