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Festo compatible Ø32 - Ø63 mm


A standard 1112 and 2538/2334 UNIC Stainless Cylinder® (Ø32-Ø63) is equipped with a permanent magnet and adjustable end stroke-cushioning. Standard UNIC Stainless Cylinder® is fitted with nitrile rubber (NBR) / polyurethane (PU) packings and POM piston.

Max pressure: 10 bar
Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
Standard stroke: 10-500 mm


*These cylinders can replace equivalent cylinders from Festo.


• AISI 316L (EN 1.4404)
• Chemical resistance
• Heat-resistant• Custom
• Renovation / Repair kit

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Repair kit for cylinders >>

Example for ordering
Heat-resistant cylinder:
Chemical-resistant cylinder:
Cylinder with PTFE wiper:
Cylinder based on CRDSNU fra FESTO

U063 0050 1112H
U063 0050 1112C
U063 0050 1112P