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Claims and returned goods

For returning products, please be aware of following Product Return procedure.

Before returning products you will have to fill out our Product Return Form. Please fill out the form and send it to the sales department sales(a)

Shortly after we will return the form to you by mail with a Product Return Code. Please print the form and return it with the product.

Conditions for returns and claims:

  • HNC Group provides a 1 year guarantee on our products. The guarantee runs from date of invoice.
  • Prior to returning a product, it is necessary to make an agreement with our sales department.
  • For having a Product Return code, please fill out the above form.
  • The products must be returned no later than 7 days after the Product Return Code has been issued. After 7 days the Product Return Code will be cancelled and it is no longer possible to return the product.
  • A Product Return Code does not automatically mean that you will receive a credit note.
  • HNC Group reserves the right to examine the returned products before a credit note is issued.
  • All returns considered as not covered by guarantee will be for the account and risk of the customer.
  • HNC Group will not accept returns on their account and risk.
  • If goods are sent without any Product Return Code, the goods will be returned to sender or alternatively a service charge of dkk 175,00 will be imposed.
  • Goods for credit must be returned in the original packing. No writing or sticking on the original packing or the item.
  • Defects caused by accident/breakdown, e.g.. fire, damage by water, natural disasters, overvoltage by lightning as well as vandalizm are not under guarantee.
  • For products covered by guarantee HNC Group is responsible for the shipping and repair costs.
  • For products NOT covered by guarantee HNC Group can make you a quotation for the repair costs.​​​​
  • Gebyrer
    • For claims not covered by guaranty e.g. items without defects an amount of kr. 375,00 will be charged for the examination of each item. Return freight costs will be charged.
    • If HNC Group A/S do not examine the defect products by themselves, HNC Group will re-invoice the charges to third part examination added a handling charge of dkk 175,00.
    • The examination charges amount to dkk 375,00. When repaired the examination charge will be deducted.
    • When not repaired, but an equal product is bought there will be no examination charges.